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JDS in Support of Recent Report Issued by Human Rights Watch

Justice for Detainees in Syria supports the Human Rights Watch report If the Dead Spoke: The Mass Death and Torture in the Syrian Prisons.  JDS trusts that the photos of Qaysar provide credible and strong evidence of the crimes against humanity carried out by the Assad regime. The report urges countries of the world, including Russia, that meet to discuss peaceful negotiations to prioritize the future of detainees and to demand that the regime allow international observers full access to detention centers. The HRW report asks countries of the world to demand that Syrian intelligence cease and desist the disappearance and torture of prisoners.


Human Rights Watch uncovered evidence regarding the torture, starvation, beating, and infectious diseases of detainees held in Syrian detention centers. HRW’s report asks that everyone who supports peaceful solutions in Syria demand an end to crimes, as well as accountability for the perpetrators. The organization requests the release of political detainees and all who were unfairly arrested, as well as the expulsion of all persons against whom there is persuasive evidence indicating their involvement as perpetrators of torture and other dangerous crimes.


The crimes mentioned above are only a few of the crimes committed by the Syrian regime against political detainees, in particular only a few of the crimes committed between the start of the revolution on March 11, 2011 and the present.  As it is known, the regime arrested thousands of people at the start of the revolution and those random arrests continue today.

If the Dead Spoke: The Mass Death and Torture in the Syrian Prisons was issued by Human Right Watch on December, 16, 2015.


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