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* Sign this months petition regarding one of the many different issues facing Syrian prisoners

* Like us on Facebook

* Follow us on Twitter

* Join us at a demonstration



* Help organize an event.  Fundraising efforts and demonstrations require lots of work, but short chunks of time make a big difference.  Fifteen minutes spent making phone calls or passing out flyers goes a long way to support the mission of JDS.    

* Do you speak Arabic? JDS is looking for volunteers to help with translation work.


Are you a member of a fellow human rights organization or a student at a local college or university seeking to gain experience or share your skill set?  If so, please contact Justice for Detainees in Syria.  Our capacity to promote peace and justice is so much stronger through collaboration and collective action.



Your financial support goes a long way. Through small donations from concerned citizens like you, we are able to continue efforts to advocate on behalf of political prisoners and provide sorely needed services to prisoners' families. Your contribution will go directly towards our work on the ground to offer legal services for Syrian detainees, provide financial assistance to family members' of detainees, and connect survivors of torture and detention with comprehensive healthcare, psychological services, and rehabilitation. Any amount will be heartily welcome and well used.


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