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Fundraiser for Syrian Children with Detained Parents

من أجل الأطفال المعتقلين مع أهلهم:
شكرا لكل من ساهم في نجاح هذا الحفل من حضور وداعمين وعاملين ومتحدثين ولمقدّم الحفل والموسيقي والأطفال الذين أضافوا بهجة لهذه الليلة.

Fundraiser for Syrian Children with Detained Parents:

Justice for Detainees in Syria (JDS) held their second fundraising event on Sunday, July 31, 2016 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Worcester on behalf of Syrian children whose parents are imprisoned either by the Assad regime or by ISIS these past four years. George Stifo, President for the Assyrian Democratic Organization in the U.S, emceed the event and Daniel Burke, a talented singer/songwriter, entertained the children and provided musical interludes.

JDS was honored to have four speakers: Ali Aljundi, a Syria Project Officer at Oxfam America, was a former prisoner held by the Hafez al Assad regime for 8 years; Akram Mazhabi, obtained the release of three detained family members two months ago with the help of JDS; Ayat Ahmad, who spoke to us by Skype from France, was a former detainee under both the Hafez al Assad regime (when she was 19 year old) and the Basha al Assad regime; and Shayaar Khalil, who also spoke to us by Skype from France, is a journalist and was detained by the Bashar al Assad government for two and half years.

JDS was privileged to have special attendees who have experienced suffering under both Assad regimes and attendees who have family members currently being detained by the Bashar al Assad regime. In addition, two Syrian families who have just arrived to the U.S, attended along with other Syrians who have worked hard to help Syrian refugees.  Hiam Altali Francis, JDS founder, talked about JDS's special attention to those children whose parents are detained and have no supporters. She made a special request during the event to sponsor Syrian children with detained parents. Monthly donations have a direct impact: fifty dollars a month provides food, clothing, and medicine for the sponsored child. A monthly donation of $100 can help a child attend school or help pay medical bills.

This event was very successful due to the combined efforts of many people, including the musician Dan Burke 

George Stifo, the MC, who translated the remarks of two of the speakers who Skyped with us, the many people who provided the delicious food, the generous merchants who donated gift certificates, special speakers and guests as well as the children who helped us choose the raffle winners at the end of the day.

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